The Adventures of Meateater Man
The Adventures of Meateater Man
The Adventures of Meateater Man

The Adventures of Meateater Man

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This digital book can be used by individuals and groups who want to learn more about family play activities. This includes:  

  • Parents and caregivers.  
  • Educators and other service providers working with families and children. 

About the product: 

The “Adventures of Meateater Man” picture story book is an engaging story set in Inuit culture and tradition about food and nutrition choices for children. Follow along as the “Candy Queen” and “Meateater Man” teach children about the side effects of candy, and the importance of making healthy food choices to grow up strong. Following the story, parents, caregivers, educators and service providers can share ideas and engage in a discussion with the readers and listeners about food choices and building healthy bodies. 

About the series: 

The Inuit Superhero Storybook series follows the stories of Inuit superheroes in English, French, and Inuktitut, to engage children and adults in science-based information for children’s healthy nutrition and physical activity. Ownership of this book, published by the Canadian Institute of Child Health, has been generously transferred to Families Canada. 

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