About Us

Families Canada is the national association of family support centres. Our members are community-level organizations who provide hubs of free services, programs, and resources to primarily low-income and disadvantaged families in communities across Canada. Through our 500+ members, we impact the lives of approximately 500,000 families per year. For nearly 50 years, we have helped our members meet the evolving and complex needs of families by:  

  • Piloting, adapting, and scaling evidence-based programming  
  • Developing and disseminating evidence-informed resources  
  • Providing professional development opportunities  

In our work, we partner with private, public, non-profit and academic organizations to turn knowledge into practice. A multisector approach is essential for addressing barriers and strengthening families. 

Our Mission

To champion the priorities, policies and programs that build the strength of Canada’s families.

Our Vision

A Canada committed to building stronger families.

Our Values

Families Canada works to give every child the right start in life. We use children's right-based approaches and trauma- and violence-informed approaches in our work, and we work to promote social inclusion for all.